Kids, Teachers, Raspberry Pis and #techmums

Wow! What a crazy week! Feels like I haven't stopped moving since Monday, though that strictly wasn't the case. But it's definitely be awesome.

Code Club projects opened up!

Today Code Club announced that they have opened up their Scratch, Python and HTML/CSS projects to everyone.

Teachmeet Brighton March 12, 2014

Another Teachmeet Brighton, another Raspberry Pi presentation, this time provocativly called "Doing Shit with a Raspberry Pi". For those that couldn't be there, my presentation can be downloaded as a pdf from here.

Raspberry Pi for Teachers

So here, finally are my slides from the presentation I gave at The University of Brighton on behalf of STEM Sussex on January, 15.

Teachmeet Brighton September 26, 2013

Today I went to Teachmeet Brighton held at City College Brighton to give a presentaion about the Raspberry Pi showcasing some of the cool things people have done with the Pi and hopefully providing some inspiration for teachers of the kinds of things they could try in their classrooms. Hopefully I succeeded a little in my aim.

Cyberpunk RPGs

I was going to ask those of you who are roleplayers for some cyberpunk game recommendations, but when I looked through my library I realised I had most of the recent offerings, which is depressing as none of them really appeal, at least not as a complete package.

BrightonPi Raspberry Jam: The Show Notes

So tonight I gave a brief talk at the inaugural Brighton Raspberry Jam organised by @BrightonPi and hosted by the wonderful people of the Brighton Hackspace, @BuildBrighton. Due to time constraints, I didn't have the time to prepare a slide deck for my talk, instead I just stood at the front, enthused about the Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Jam and Young Rewired State. I promised everyone I would post links to all the stuff I talked about. So, here it all is.

Portable Pi My amazon wish list for the various parts for a portable RaspberryPi web server - Amazon UK The Field Studies Council hack day that started it all - FSCHackDay Git Hub repository for FLAIR (Field Logging Analysis and Instant Resource), the web app - FLAIR

Raspberry Jam Alan O'Donohoe's (@teknoteacher) post explaining what Raspberry Jam is all about - Teach Computing Blog

Young Rewired State The main site - Young Rewired State Highlights video from last year's event - Vimeo

Hack Days Rewired State's list of hack days - The Dorothy Stringer School hack day page - Friday June 29, 2012

I think that's everything I covered, but if it's not, drop me comment and I'll add things I've missed.

A big "Thank You" to everyone who came along tonight and politely listened to me enthuse and gesticulate like a mad man. Hopefully I wasn't too scary.

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Ford's Laws

My good friend Ken McGlothlen recently posted his "Ford's Laws", which had me in tears, so I had to repost them here.

Book reviews: short and sweet.

In my initial post I mentioned book reviews. Well I'm finally going to get around to this, but they are going to be a little different from the norm. No longwinded dissection of a book, no elaborate scoring system, just a paragraph or two saying why I liked the book and a link to Amazon so you can buy a copy if you like. Short, simple and to the point.

I may post them to Goodreads as well, I'm just not sure yet.

Book Review: The Sweet Scent of Blood and The Cold Kiss of Death

The Sweet Scent of Blood (Book 1) and The Cold Kiss of Death (Book 2) by Suzanne McLeod Published by Gollancz

Suzanne McLeod has created an amazing universe full of great characters and endless possibilities. Start now and get ahead of the game for when the movie is announced and everyone else is clamouring to catch up.

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